Work in Three Acts


Work in Three Acts (2019)
15:00 min
In-situ-sound piece
Opening Performance as part of Allegories of Labour, a solo exhibition by Ang Siew Ching, Objectifs, Singapore.

The Artists Company (TAC) conceptualised a spoken voice piece in response to “Allegories of Labour”, a video installation by Ang Siew Ching depicting people at work, oftentimes with machines, aestheticised as mimetic imagery engaged in everyday tasks. Work? questions the inherent relationships between man and woman, man and machine, and man and systems of power and authority in a workplace. Through a muting of the visuals, TAV overlayed a mechanised voice that readout instructions, labour laws, and narratives serendipitously encountered in the workplace. As a performative gesture, ‘workers’ from TAC disrupts the video installation and plays the spoken voice piece to an unsuspecting audience, reverting the space to its gallery state shortly after the mechanised voice ceases.