Untitled Prototype(s)


Untitled Protoypes (2015), found objects on gesso paint and canvas


Untitled Prototype(s) is a body of images and forms built from abandoned architectural models and discarded forms from the sungei road flea market. The ubiquitous cardboard prototype is conventionally discarded or forgotten after a built project is complete or abandoned, and the project examines these forms through studies, cycles of investigation and experiments, to redefine and recreate them poetically.

Architectural models are studies of structures and are built to study aspects of an architectural design or to ‘facilitate a continuous flow of thoughts’. These models tend to be useless and forgotten after its use, most times discarded and lost forever. The installation ‘Untitled Prototype(s)’ is a daydream of what these models ‘could have become’. Of particular interest to the artwork are the ideas behind these buildings that end up lost, unbuilt, and ‘demolished’ even before they are actualised. These abandoned, and forgotten forms are thus envisioned into a new visual form.