Untitled Prototypes / Speculate Now (2015)


Untitled Prototype(s) Site-specific multidisciplinary installation


The ubiquitous cardboard prototype is conventionally discarded or forgotten after any project is complete. ‘Untitled Prototype(s)’ examines these forms through various studies, cycles of investigation and experiments, to redefine and recreate them poetically.

Architectural models are studies of structures and are built to study aspects of an architectural design or to ‘facilitate a continuous flow of thoughts’. These models tend to be useless and forgotten after its use, most times discarded and lost forever.

The installation ‘Untitled Prototype(s)’ is a daydream of what these models ‘could have become’. Of particular interest to the artwork are the ideas behind these buildings that end up lost, unbuilt and ‘demolished’ even before they are actualised. These abandoned, and forgotten forms are thus envisioned into a new visual form.

Proposal20150714-Interactive Model_sungei_net_design.jpg

In view of the fact that architectural firms discard large quantities of architectural models, we would like to propose a transformation of these abandoned forms into an art installation. This exciting collaborative artwork will see the creation of a site specific installation co-created by the artist and students.

We would like to request for models or prototypes from 50 architectural firms. The model selection criterias are:

  • Unbuilt projects.
  • Persons who designed it should be available for interview.
  • Images of these models/prototypes in stages of its construction should preferably be available.
  • Any material.

Outcomes of the project will result in three visual forms:

  1. With an accumulation of 100 models/prototypes, the researcher/artist(s) will envision them into a new visual form that will occupy a 5.0 x 5.0 m space (variable).
  2. Builders of these models will be interviewed and their ideas archived.
  3. Visitors will be invited to engage in a hands-on activity that will allow participants to make a visual form that they can write or talk about.