The Talks

23rd September 2016, Friday

Artists & The Process of Activating a Space

Eco-system of the like-minded


Discursive art practice

Social Production between Artist & Community

What is it for?

1 X 1 Exhibition 

Are aesthetics even a consideration?

Disassemble / Re-assemble = art works

 A truly socially engaged art experience based on generosity, usefulness and play.

The Performative Aspect

What does it do?

loss of ‘intangible heritage’ 

SURVEY- Artist-Run Spaces





23rd January 2016, Saturday

‘One By One Metre Space’ talk invited guest speakers from the the ‘Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods’, Lili Chung of Exactly Foundation and independent art writer Tony Godfrey to interact with participating artists and the curator of the exhibition to explore ideas and experiences about contested spaces in Singapore.

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