The Organisation

With projects, the objective was to construct a contemporary art research initiative that explores notions of urban memory through archiving and collaborative art making practices.

Exchanges and dialogues with visual artists resulted in a series of exhibitions on: Territory 1: Jalan Besar. These included One by One Metre Space and the recent exhibition Surveys: Space, Sharing and Haunting exhibition at The Substation. The processes of the projects art-based research breached political, socio-cultural and artistic boundaries during the process of exploration and eventual exhibition, tours and talks. Due to the complexity of this locale, the exhibitions opened up dialogue on the value of the free-hawking zone and contested spaces in Singapore.

By mapping territories, we will discover our city as a ‘mindscape’ rather than a ‘landscape’ and delve deeper into the socio-political spaces that surround us. In this process, the project and its collaborators will critically engage with members of the public and visitors of the exhibition/events and talks in driving an intense programme that draws out the spirit of the place. projects grabs opportunities, skill-sets and ideas from numerous disciplines to create a socially engaged work that creates experiences based on generosity, usefulness, and play.