One By One Metre Space

2016- One By One Metre Space. by projects. Image courtesy of Mindy Tan.

One By One Metre Space was a curatorial project by projects that investigates ideas of transitory spaces, physical changes and the contestation of land. The month-long programming included an exhibition at Flaneur Gallery which was a junction away from the Sungei Road Flea Market, a series of public talks by the artists and walking tours by members of the sungei road street vendors and Post Museum.

2016- One By One Metre Space. by projects. Image courtesy of Quinn Lum.

The project started with the artists discovering, dialoguing and reflecting on this contested territory that has existed for decades, where they connected the trace of objects or subjects to generate narratives of their own. The exhibition invited members of the street vendor community into the show where the gallery was transformed into a space for exchange of art and life. As interaction takes place, One by One Metre Space explores the relation and tension between the soon to be razed and forgotten flea market and the new economies of the art market.

Art historian Tony Godfrey, Lili Chung from Exactly Foundation and t shared ideas and experiences about contested spaces in Singapore as part of the public talks series.
Post-Museum conducted Outpost 111: 1 x 1 Metre Space Rough Tours and the Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods conducted a series of guided tours of the sungei road flea market for participants.

Participating artists: Debra Ong, Jennifer Ng, Ling Yang Chang and Mindy Tan

Curated by Adrian Tan.