MPS- OH! Potong Pasir




1. To engage residents of Potong Pasir in a participatory workshop where residents’ exchange narratives with the conducting artists. The aim of the collaborative art practice is situated in Potong Pasir because of its history of being a contested space and how it is now different.

2. Post-2015 election Potong Pasir is different, and Jennifer and Adrian (J/A) will explore notions of urban memory through real-life interaction with residents. Through this process of investigation and exchange, J/A develop new narratives and deeper connections with the place.


3. Jennifer(insider) has lived in Potong Pasir all her life and has fond memories of the estate.

4. Adrian(outsider) has spent time exploring the estate in figuring out what embodies Potong Pasir.


5. J/A’s MPS is similar to the actual MPS as it attempts to function like a ‘feedback system’ for residents to meet their ‘MP’. J/A’s MPS is an ‘art workshop’ X ‘meet-the-people session’ where residents mingle, make art and share their ideas with the artists.

6. When the MPS takes place over two weekends in March, residents who attend the workshops create artworks, share ideas and aspirations for Potong Pasir and are given insights into the artists’ processes and ideas.

7. J/A’s MPS is set in a common void deck, where residents, or passersby ‘drop in’ to engage in a ‘hands-on’ cement making activity while ‘exchanging ideas’ about Potong Pasir.

8. Sculpture-making Workshop (Using Cement)

Why a hands-on workshop using cement as a material?

– The ubiquitous cement according to Jennifer is “a common industrial material primarily used for the building of HDB infrastructures”.

– She expounds that the material is poignant because it “records the presence of time and is about ‘nostalgia and transformation”.

– Cement is not just used as a metaphor for recording time but is used in construction of buildings and she urges us to pay homage to the “simple structures that have served the area for so many years yet beckoning new change and improved convenience in the years to come.”

– She writes “freshly cemented flooring along upgraded corridors, at times over worn-out pavements and in some instances along the concrete driveway curbs; all of which have become testimonies to the conditions of stasis, activity and regeneration over the decades” as a reference to Potong Pasir’s stages of development and evolution.

– As such a personal note, or a message of aspiration will accompany the cement piece and be displayed in the void deck with the other art works by residents.

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