1 Introduction

Tell us more about sungei.net projects and ONE BY ONE METRE SPACE.

sungei.net projects focuses on exploring notions of urban memory and the meaning of ‘Tabula Rasa’ and loss of ‘intangible heritage’ through collaborative art-making. Just as how ‘Tabula Rasa’ means clean slate, some of the selected artists know little of the space and it is through exchanges with artists or community goers who know significantly more about the location that a connection is forged or discovered and art-making takes place.

‘One By One Metre Space’ is the first of such a durational project and Sungei Road Flea Market was naturally the first location that I was keen to explore. As unique as the place is, the physical space and its community is also an easily forgotten and unnoticed part of our heritage. ‘1 x 1 m space’ no doubt refers to the space allocated to each vendor but it also raises questions of who makes this distribution? Who owns the land? What happens to the community when the flea market is told to disband? The sungei.net project ‘One By One Metre Space’ is thus an interrogative project that explores this tension between new changes and the old lifestyle, where the artists come together, responding to a place and make art.

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