An Interactive Exhibition

‘One By One Metre Space’ is the area allocated to each flea market vendor, a space that will soon be lost. As the artists discover, dialogue and reflect on this contested territory that has existed for decades, they connect the traces of objects or subjects to generate narratives of their own. As a result of months of visiting the literal spaces, the exhibition is aptly held within the located praxis in Flaneur Gallery and features a myriad of art forms.

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Flaneur Gallery in collaboration with projects was transformed into a venue for exchange of art and ideas, with a visit to the Sungei Road flea market (which is just across the gallery) and an auction as part of the exhibition opening. As these objects are brought into the gallery as speculative artworks, flea market stall holders and gallery-goers will interact and engage in conversation, exchange and trade.

With this interaction taking place, the exhibition ‘One By One Metre Space’ manages to question the intrinsic value of this ‘market place’ and explore the relationship between the forgotten flea market and the new economies of the art market.

(Press Release) 1 x 1 Metre Space Press Release (15 Jan 2016)

(Photo Credit: Quinn Lum, 2016)