1 x 1 Metre Space


1 x 1 Metre Space (2016), Performance and Installation, size variable, Flaneur Gallery, Singapore.

1 x 1 Metre Space is a work that responded to the changes in the Jalan Besar enclave around Sungei Road Flea Market. Collected over a period of three months, objects that were part of the transitory space of the flea market were exchanged and circulated, a process that was documented in a series of performative videos. One by one-metre space is allocated to each flea market vendor, a space that was soon to be lost as the market made way for a train station in 2017.

This performance installation was a starting point for the artists to discover, dialogue and respond to the contested territory that existed for decades. This piece was part of  One by One Metre Space a curatorial project by sungei.net projects during Singapore Art Week 2016 at Flaneur Gallery with local artists Debra Ong, Jennifer Ng, Ling Yang Chang and Mindy Tan. It was first staged in Korea before Singapore and subsequently re-staged at Survey: Space, Sharings and Hauntings (2016) at The Substation on the invitation of Post-Museum.

Picture 1
1 x 1 Metre Space (2016), Installation, size variable
(Part of Survey: Space, Sharings and Hauntings Exhibition by Post-Museum)
The Substation, Singapore

1 x 1 Metre Space- Pao De Gu (2015)
Video, 3:44 minutes
CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.