From a large river that draws on (a) landmass.

By mapping territories, we/they discover our city as a ‘mindscape’ rather than a ‘landscape’. projects is my interdisciplinary approach to art making where I work in the intersection of contemporary art, research, and theories of collectivism. These projects focus on exploring notions of urban memory through art, writing and responses where the meaning of tabula rasa and the loss of intangible heritage is explored through collecting and collaborative art-making.

Just as how tabula rasa means a clean slate, selected artists/respondents/participants know little of the space and it is through exchanges with other artists, community goers, or archival sources where one encounters significantly more about the location that a connection is forged or discovered through in or with art. Sungei is positioned as a large river that draws on a landmass, where a net collects or gathers the flotsam in draining objects or experiences in the projects that focuses on mapping territories through time and space.